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A community for those in and around Fort Smith, AR. Post anything and everything, but please, nothing overly graphic (or long) without livejournal cuts to help maintain friends pages and those with slower connections.
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Fort Smith, city (1990 pop. 72,798), seat of Sebastian co., NW Ark., at the Oklahoma line where the Arkansas and Poteau rivers join; incorporated in 1842. It is the rail, trade, and industrial center of a farm and livestock area. Its manufactures include construction materials, food and beverages, textiles, furniture, and hardware. An 1817 military post here became a supply point during the 1848 gold rush; the lawless area was cleaned up (1870s) by “Hanging Judge” Isaac Parker, but Bordello Row and other reminders are celebrated today. The Fort Smith National Historic Site includes the Old Fort Museum and Judge Parker's courthouse. A national Civil War cemetery and an annual rodeo draw visitors. In 1969 the city was linked by the Arkansas River project with the Gulf of Mexico; the dam built east of Fort Smith created a large lake.

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