apartments in Ft. Smith and surrounding areas

Ok so I know this community hasn't been used in almost a year, but it's worth a shot. The bf and i will be moving to Ft. Smith in December or so, and need an apartment. We want to pay less than $500 a month for rent for a 1 br apartment, and have it not be ghetto or in a trashy area. We just don't want by the mall basically. We also want something relatively nice as well as fairly roomy. Demanding aren't we?

Not many of the complexes over there advertise, and we got sick of just driving around looking for something last weekend. We are both used to large cities where you throw a stick and hit 50 complexes, so Ft. Smith apt hunting is a bit frustrating for us.

Anyone have any suggestions for a decent place to live?

One More: Ferrets!

Six ferrets in need of a good home.  One albino (white), a dark eyed white and the other four are chocolate colored. 

New housing will not accept them; Must adopt before Sept. 6th.

Looks like our furry friends all have new homes; Thanks!

One large cage 3-level Martin cage, one 2-level "barn" style Martin cage, 4 hanging water bottles and 2 spare bottles available.  Spare medications and one collapsible pen up for grabs as well.
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Original Nintendo System + Games

Nintendo system, two controls, 'gun' control and 11 games available (free) to anyone who wants them.  We're moving and trying to cut down on possessions. Games and system have been in storage for quite a while without use.  Must pick up before September 6th, email or comment with any questions:

Games include: Marble Madness, Excitebike, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Ninja Turtles, Legends of Zelda, Dream Master, The Simpsons: Bart vs. Space Mutants, 7up Spot, RC Pro-Am and Super Mario Bros 3.

This item is gone; Thanks!

Furniture + Casket

My husband and I are moving to the DFW area and cannot take all our furniture with us. Pretty much if you have the need for it, and the means to take it off our hands, it's yours! We have one plaid couch, which measures 86" from end to end on the armrests and has 68" of actual "seating" space; two plaid chairs with wooden legs & armrests, one black leather-type chair that rocks, two hand made wooden chairs and two coffee tables: one with wrought iron legs and the other is all wood. (Pictures below)

The other oddity we won't have room for is a solid cherry casket. My husband and I are in the funeral industry so we came by it when someone scuffed it on a white door frame; this can be easily fixed with a wood "touch-up" crayon. It has a white/cream colored velvet interior. This too, if you can take it off our hands, is yours!

We do have a dog & cat, which both love the couch; it has been vacuumed off, but if you have allergy issues you might avoid it. We live in Historic Van Buren area (near Butterfield Jr. High); email or leave a comment with any questions.

Everything must go before September 6th! Please let me know before then if you would like any of these items!

Everything is spoken for at this point I do believe.  Thank you!

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Another round

More things to do/take notice of:

June 1- July 13 — All Day

Fund raiser: Telescope Giveaway
Location: Coleman Observatory, 8 miles NW of Van Buren, AR
  • To raise funds for AOAS. One ticket $5; $20/five tickets.

June 28-July 1 — 11am & 2 pm daily
Event : Execution Anniversaries
Location: Fort Smith Historic Site
Contact: (479)783-3961

  • Ranger led programs on the anniversary dates of executions carried out by the federal court from 1873-1896.
  • Free

July 3 — Noon-Fireworks
Event : Alma July 3rd Celebration
Location: Alma City Park
Contact: (479)632-4127

  • Pool opens at noon. Swimming until midnight. Fireworks at dusk.
  • There is pool admission.

July 4 — 10am & 1pm
Workshop: 4th of July Celebrations in 19th Century Fort Smith
Location: Fort Smith National Historic Site
Contact: (479)783-3961,

  • Children ages 5 & up will sing, give speeches, participate in patriotic parade.
  • Free

July 4 — starts 2pm
Event : Fort Smith 4th of July Celebration
Location: Harry E. Kelley Park & Various Venues
Contact: (479)784-1001 or (479)783-8888

  • 2pm - Antique Car show - Pendergraft Par, 3rd & Garrison.
  • 5pm - Family Fun Festival begins at River Park Glass Pavilion and Compass Park.5pm Crowd Gathering at 2nd & Garrison for the Great American Race OG & E displays a Segway and an Electric Car.5:45pm - Festivities begin for Great Race, 2nd & Garrison.5:57pm - The Riverblenders Barber Shop Chorus, Great Race Stage, 2nd & Garrison.
  • 6pm- First Car in the Great American Race comes through the finish line at2nd & Garrison. Visit with drivers/navigators & view their cars up close at 2nd & Garrison parking lot until 8:30pm.
  • 7pm - Festivities for the Mayor's 4th of July Celebration begins at River Park & Harry E.Kelley Stage featuring Mr. CabbageHead & the Screaming Radishes.7:30pm Historic re-enactment Troup "The Border Town Legends" perform a mock shootout at 2nd & Garrison.7:50pm - Welcoming the Great American Race to Fort Smith by Mayor Ray Baker, Great Race Stage, 2nd & Garrison.
  • 8pm - Awards Presentation to the Great Race Daily winners, 2nd & Garrison.8:15pm - River Valley Community Band under the direction of Chuck Booker, Harry E. Kelley Stage.Approx. 9pm - Fireworks Spectacular followed by Mr. Cabbage Head and the Screaming Radishes, Harry E. Kelley Stage.

Liven up!

OK Ft. Smith (and surrounding) people! As I am your bored moderator, I've been tweaking the community a bit. (Mainly added some more interests, changed the layout, yadda yadda.) Since I am home with no life nowadays (I had a little girl last Oct. and am a 'stay-at-home mommy'), I'm going to try to find a bit more stuff to do, etc. for everyone around here.

Things to do from Meet Up (dot) Com:

  • The Tahlequah Ghost Tracking Meetup Group has a meet up scheduled for Monday, Jul 9, 2007, 7:00 PM and a set limit of 10 people to come (7 spaces still available). Join their meet up group for the location and more info.

  • Sol Invictus (magickal) has a planetary discussion (Mercury) meet up scheduled for Thursday, Jun 28, 2007, 7:00 PM at Gaylord's Restaurant (315 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, AR - (479) 444-0605). One drink minimum was the requirement to get this meeting place. The drink does not have to be alcoholic. No limit as to how many people may attend.

  • Café et français has a French conversation and language study group scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, Jun 25, 2007, 7:30 PM. This group has a limit of 10 members/guests, 9 slots are still open. For more details, you should join the group.


Graphic Designer/Layout Specialist/Typesetter Needed

I don't think there's anything in the LJ TOS that forbids posting this sort of thing... I work for Calvert McBride Printing here in the Fort, and we're looking for a layout specialist/graphics nerd in the Prepress Department. It's a good company to work for. I'll be happy to answer any technical questions via e-mail, but benefits/pay questions would have to wait for an interview.

From the ad:

Candidates must be able to type a minimum of 40 wpm and have experience with QuarkXPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat.

Either drop by to fill out an app and leave a resumé or fax a cover letter and resumé to:

Calvert McBride Inc.
3811 Planters Road
Fort Smith, AR 72906

Fax 479-646-6036

Pass it on.
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Powerbook Issues

Hello again,

If anyone in the Fort Smith area has a recent model 15" PowerBook, please let me know. I'd like to pay you to let me borrow its battery for about an hour. It's a long geeky story that I won't post here. Please email if you have a PB or know of someone who does:

Thanks in advance.

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I belong to a local group gearing up for a showing of “The End of Suburbia” here in Fort Smith. I’ve been asked to contact as many local people as possible to see if there is any interest. We are tentatively planning to show “EoS” in January at a church in south Fort Smith.

The documentary covers our energy situation, and how certain living arrangements, like suburbs, will be difficult to support in the future. It also discusses the concept and repercussions of “peak oil.” It lasts 72 minutes, after which, we will have 45 minutes to an hour of discussion.

My (possibly idealistic) hope is that this first meeting will provide a catalyst for local activism in the Fort Smith area. By activism, I mean concerted efforts to promote locally grown food and local business, as well as support for what public transportation we do have. I’d like to think that, as the era of cheap oil ends, we can map a healthy and rewarding future for our community. To do so, we must start by understanding the problem.

Not sure of what I’m talking about? Check out a peak oil primer.

Please feel free to comment here, or to mail me directly at:

Please Come to My Show Next Friday

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I'm a one-man band based in Austin, and I make music under the name The Cocker Spaniels. I'm leaving next week to go on my first-ever tour of the South. My fifth show of the tour will be next Friday, the 298th, at Hesher's Music in Fort Smith. I'll be playing with three excellent local bands, two of which (I think) are still in high school! I hope that you can all come out and rock with us! :-)

C.Spaniels Official Website
C.Spaniels on MySpace
The Exception Official Website
Hesher's Music Official Website
Hesher's Music on MySpace