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Fort Smith, Arkansas
Furniture + Casket 
27th-Aug-2007 08:52 pm
My husband and I are moving to the DFW area and cannot take all our furniture with us. Pretty much if you have the need for it, and the means to take it off our hands, it's yours! We have one plaid couch, which measures 86" from end to end on the armrests and has 68" of actual "seating" space; two plaid chairs with wooden legs & armrests, one black leather-type chair that rocks, two hand made wooden chairs and two coffee tables: one with wrought iron legs and the other is all wood. (Pictures below)

The other oddity we won't have room for is a solid cherry casket. My husband and I are in the funeral industry so we came by it when someone scuffed it on a white door frame; this can be easily fixed with a wood "touch-up" crayon. It has a white/cream colored velvet interior. This too, if you can take it off our hands, is yours!

We do have a dog & cat, which both love the couch; it has been vacuumed off, but if you have allergy issues you might avoid it. We live in Historic Van Buren area (near Butterfield Jr. High); email or leave a comment with any questions. elusiveshoe@gmail.com

Everything must go before September 6th! Please let me know before then if you would like any of these items!

Everything is spoken for at this point I do believe.  Thank you!

There are TWO of each of these chairs:

Casket: (exterior, then stock photo of interior)
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