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Fort Smith, Arkansas
Hello, I belong to a local group gearing up for a showing of… 
3rd-Oct-2005 08:50 pm

I belong to a local group gearing up for a showing of “The End of Suburbia” here in Fort Smith. I’ve been asked to contact as many local people as possible to see if there is any interest. We are tentatively planning to show “EoS” in January at a church in south Fort Smith.

The documentary covers our energy situation, and how certain living arrangements, like suburbs, will be difficult to support in the future. It also discusses the concept and repercussions of “peak oil.” It lasts 72 minutes, after which, we will have 45 minutes to an hour of discussion.

My (possibly idealistic) hope is that this first meeting will provide a catalyst for local activism in the Fort Smith area. By activism, I mean concerted efforts to promote locally grown food and local business, as well as support for what public transportation we do have. I’d like to think that, as the era of cheap oil ends, we can map a healthy and rewarding future for our community. To do so, we must start by understanding the problem.

Not sure of what I’m talking about? Check out a peak oil primer.

Please feel free to comment here, or to mail me directly at: beekicker@beekicker.com.
4th-Oct-2005 02:06 am (UTC)
That's a really good idea!
4th-Oct-2005 03:14 am (UTC)
I'll come see it but you'll have to remind me again closer to the actual date or I'm gonna totally forget. I think I know at least three or four other people who will come too so count me as five.
4th-Oct-2005 07:07 pm (UTC)
I'll definitely post back here to remind people once we've got everything set. I daresay that the bills we'll be paying this winter will remind everyone as well. Not looking forward to that.
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